Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the closest airport?
Jackson Hole (~50) and Idaho Falls (~60 miles) are the two closest airports. Rides to and from the airport are available but must be scheduled in advance.

What caliber of rifles are recommended?
30 caliber rifles are recommended but proficiency and comfort with your rifle is most important. Call us if you’d like to talk specifics.

How many people will be in camp?
A maximum of 4 hunters. We make exceptions for larger parties wishing to hunt together.

What is the average shot distance?
You should be comfortable shooting out to 500 yards, but the average falls closer to 300 yards. We recommend a lot of practice before your hunt.

Are there grizzly bear or wolves in the area?
There are no resident wolves or grizzly bear in the area but occasional lone animals pass through.

Can I stay in camp after my tag is filled?

What elevation will I be hunting?6,000-10,000 feet.

What is the best week to hunt?
We haven’t identified a best week yet, but earlier weeks book up the quickest. The later in the season your hunt falls, the greater the chance for inclement weather.

What is the typical schedule for a 7 day hunt?
Day 1 is a ride-in to camp with a chance of an evening hunt.

Days 2-6 are 5 full days of hunting.

Day 7 can include a morning hunt but typically is spent riding and packing out.

*Additional days can be added to hunts, please call for more info.

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